Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring Bank Holiday

The weather finally seems to be getting warmer, which has the effect of making the weeds in the garden grow faster! After spending a day out there trying to remove most of them and planting some more lavender, my efforts seemed to have made a little improvement, but there's more work needed yet. And There's always tomorrow....

I've just finished reading a great knitter story by Gil McNeil - Divas Don't Knit. I grabbed a copy right before going on hols, and just finished it yesterday.

The storyline was right up my street -

Knit-one… Jo Mackenzie needs a new start and jumps at the chance to take over
her grandmother’s wool shop in a small seaside town.

Purl-one… But it’s not going to be easy with two young sons to cope with, an A-list actress moving into the local mansion and a knitting group addicted to cake.

I have to say that I'm rather taken with her knitting books, and enjoyed reading this one. I love her website too - the shop on the main page looks perfect...I wonder where I can find one like that! The sequel isn't out yet, but as soon as it is, I'll be getting a copy. Highly recommended!

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