Monday, May 12, 2008

Atomic Knitting Summer Stitch Markers

The weather has improved no end...a sweltering week means the early launch of the summer stitch marker collection.

These unusual shell beads were bought from the Chepstow Bead Fair in March and are perfect for the summer knitter. Available in 5 pastel shades and teamed with Swarovski Crystal bicones, these are really pretty markers.

Starlight Beads Business Update

Over the past year the bead site has been going well and has grown a good customer base. There's been less luck with the eBay store which lost it's powerseller status (mainly due to repeat customers buying direct) and sales basically stalling. eBay have changed the visibility of stores, and unless you have a high ratio of auctions constantly running, then this option becomes less and less viable.

For the reasons above, the decision has been made to close the Starlight Beads eBay store, and move the listings to Bohobeads eBay store. This should make the management of the beads & pendants much easier on eBay, and of course, the best option for customers is to buy direct.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring Bank Holiday

The weather finally seems to be getting warmer, which has the effect of making the weeds in the garden grow faster! After spending a day out there trying to remove most of them and planting some more lavender, my efforts seemed to have made a little improvement, but there's more work needed yet. And There's always tomorrow....

I've just finished reading a great knitter story by Gil McNeil - Divas Don't Knit. I grabbed a copy right before going on hols, and just finished it yesterday.

The storyline was right up my street -

Knit-one… Jo Mackenzie needs a new start and jumps at the chance to take over
her grandmother’s wool shop in a small seaside town.

Purl-one… But it’s not going to be easy with two young sons to cope with, an A-list actress moving into the local mansion and a knitting group addicted to cake.

I have to say that I'm rather taken with her knitting books, and enjoyed reading this one. I love her website too - the shop on the main page looks perfect...I wonder where I can find one like that! The sequel isn't out yet, but as soon as it is, I'll be getting a copy. Highly recommended!