Sunday, March 28, 2010

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

If only it was simply imitation.

To my disgust, I discovered yesterday that someone had not just imitated, but copied the majority of my website, selling mainly the same products. I am extremely disappointed that someone felt it necessary to do this and then cut their prices by 50% compared to mine.

Don't get me wrong, I know that there are plenty of talented, creative stitch marker jewellery designers out there and I enjoy looking at their work. There's a place for everyone and a niche in the originality of the designs. Until you copy someone else that is.

Most folk that love yarn and craft would understand that you can't simply copy someone else's ideas, down the text on their website - come on, at least be original with that, I mean, you've obviously created some handmade products, yet you have no imagination to present them in a different way to me. A coincide? I really don't think so. I know how long I spent finding the right words to describe my products and business, yet someone thinks it's OK to copy that and use it to sell their products. Did they think I would never know. Well I do. I know who they are and so do they.

Still I've been doing this for years and am well established in the knitting world, so should I be worried? Part of me is not worried, as I know from experience that her products are undervalued and the business model will not succeed for long at those prices. I will be more concerned when she realises this and increases the prices, which at least would reach my standard.

As with all businesses, evolution is inevitable and the way I feel right now, is that this is time to move on and reinvent the business, in part because someone has copied my work and also because I have found new words to describe my products and business. I realise too that it's nearly 6 years with much the same words and the world has moved on, and so inevitably I will too.

I've worked too damn hard at my business to let something like this put a spanner in the works.

So onwards and upwards....and to the copycat, what goes around comes around. That I do know.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pendant Sale


20% off selected beads and pendants including, Starfish Pendants, Heart Pendants and more! 

We've already got the latest fashion beads for this season in stock, with more coming very soon.

 Get your hands on our 12mm (£1.59 for 10) and 20mm (30p each) hearts as at these fabulous prices we expect them to sell out fast! We've a few limited edition colours too.
Silver tiger tail is back in stock - only £1.60 per reel (70 metres)

We've also reduced a selection of pendants to just £2.

Millefiori 8mm hearts are back and are one of the best buys on the website. Just £4.50 per strand of 50 hearts - that's a sizzling 9p per bead!

Don't miss out, once they're gone, they're gone!

Best Wishes 
Starlight Beads UK

Monday, March 22, 2010

DPN Rolls and Snag Free Markers!

News & Website Update

It's been a bit of a tricky week website wise! 
The shopping cart system 'broke', which meant that the orders were not being stored for a few days and this meant a bit of a delay for some customers. I'm really sorry about that and unfortunately this was outside of my control. I'm happy to say though that these issues have been resolved and the shopping cart is working again. Please continue to let me know of any issues that you have with the cart.

Orders over £40 now ship free to the UK (except Wholesale orders)


This week sees the arrival of two very popular products.

Firstly the snag free marker 
These are perfect for large projects where you need quite a few markers and are especially good for lace yarns. As you can see, there's absolutely nothing to catch on the yarn. The markers are available in three sizes at the moment and a few different colours that you can mix and match.

Our turquoise snag free markers are suitable for needles up to 2.5mm

Other colours and sizes are available here

Secondly, we have a few more limited designs in stock of NicsKnots DPN and Crochet rolls
Choose from funky red fish, retro flowers or cute sheep. Designs are limited and are strictly, first come first served.

Of course if you are saving your pennies for WonderWool Wales 2010, you can visit Atomic Knitting and NicsKnots at the show! More information here

Many Thanks for your continued support!

Best Wishes

Emma :-)