Friday, August 20, 2010

Edinburgh Fringe 2010

As part of our Scotland tour, we included a day in Edinburgh, mainly for the Fringe, although we did manage a little bit of sight seeing too.

We took the train from Stirling to Edinburgh and arrived mid morning, in time to pick up our pre booked Fringe tickets and also visit Fran and her McAnaraks buttons in the West End Fair.

After visiting the fair we headed over to the first of four Fringe shows. To get around quickly and save our legs, we used a city sightseeing bus tour.

First stop was to see Helen Keen - It's Rocket Science at the Gilded Balloon. The show was great - loved the puppetry, however being in a small dark venue with no windows or air conditioning, with 20 other strangers, I did discover that I suffer from claustrophobia. So a lot of calming thoughts and tic tacs (they seem to help?!) and I managed to get through the 60mins of being in a confined space, in the dark, being too hot and feeling panicky. Perhaps having beer beforehand was a bad idea too.

Then it was off to Edinburgh's finest drum shop for some retail therapy, followed by venue number two....Pleasance Courtyard. On the way to this venue, while waiting to cross a road, I heard a male Welsh voice say that he 'was going to pop into the watch shop to get his watch fixed'. On turning around, I found the voice belonged to Rhod Gilbert. THEEE RHOD GILBERT. Of course at this point I get all fangirl and can't speak, let alone cross the road....but I managed to cross and proceeded to try to hide behind a few branches in the hope I can snap a picture or two when he comes out. So this next bit it a bit like, Where's Rhod...

Really...are you sure....??

 Not that convincing huh...yeah I was disappointed too. Ah well, I thought.

So moving on up to Pleasance, we found a lot of peeps in the Courtyard. Having located the Cellar for Jessica Ransom's - Millions show, we duly waited outside. At this point, I'm thinking the 'Cellar' is probably not going to be great for the claustrophobia. Let's face it, nothing says claustrophobia like a small dark windowless space. Great.

So whilst contemplating this and ensuring tic tac supplies are to hand, I glance up to someone (Liverpudlian) asking me if this was the queue for the cellar. 'Yeah, it is' I murmur back, looking up slowly. Then realise that I am addressing John Bishop. He's got sunglasses on and whilst I am busy doing a double take he's grinning at me. Fab! So, what do I say now that doesn't sound completely dumb. That will be nothing then. He was a great sport though and let me take a picture.

Jessica Ransom had an awesome show. I did feel for her when she saw John Bishop in the front row of her gig and did a double take. Seeing as there was about 35 people in the room cellar, I'm sure she could not believe it...neither could we!

Before going into the cellar, after seeing John, I turned round to see the Radio 1 recording studio, just above the cellar..and look who is here.


I think maybe Rhod was on Radio 1 that afternoon with Scott Mills, but I can't be sure. Right after I took this picture Sarah Millican came over to talk to Rhod. The remaining pictures did not come out very well, so you'll have to take my word for it!

The third show was with Hardeep Singh Koli called Chat Masala. Hardeep cooked pork and carrot curry for the audience and had four guests on stage whilst he did this, including Arthur Miller and Storm Large. Another great show, touching on some serious topics at times, but also was very amusing at others.

The final show was Chris Addison. More to follow.....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Atomic Knitting on Ravelry

Atomic Knitting now have their very own group on Ravelry!

Join now to hear about our latest news.

UK Knit Camp!

knitcampsmall 300x150 UK Knit Camp here we come!!After a long nine hour drive to Stirling, we arrived at the University campus to setup the stand ready for the opening of the Marketplace on Friday morning. There were about 50 or so vendors, from designers to yarn stockists, from indy dyers to button stands, from felt to spinning wheels, the marketplace choices were immense. I really don't know how the customers that arrived over the weekend controlled their spending!
Atomic Knitting Stand

The Atomic Knitting stand was situated next to the lovely Woodland Turnery, who had also driven up from Wales. Their wheels were beautiful and showcased their talent very well - you can glimpse them in the picture above. Opposite us were Blacker Designs and Wool For Ewe, both of which had yarns to die for and a great part of the day was spent staring at the range of colours and yarns available! We also met up with Jon and Roy from Easyknits, the lovely ladies from Injulabo, the Mulberry Dyer, Suzie from The Wool Sanctuary, Woolly Wormhead, Freyalyn, Ewa Kuniczak, DT Crafts, the p/hop ladies and I'm sure there was many more peeps, sorry if I missed you and of course the many customers who visited the stand. 

EasyKnits stand
Our new products that we launched, completely sold out and will be available on the website from Saturday. Sign up on the website for the newsletter to find out more. We expect to sell out very quickly once launched on the website!

All in all, I met a lot of new customers, a lot of our regular customers and we did enjoy the event in Stirling. I think this will not be our last visit to Scotland!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

UK Knit Camp!

We're all set for UK Knit Camp at Stirling University this Friday and Saturday 13th/14th August!

Our popular stitch marker sets have been restocked and are available to purchase from us this weekend on the stand. We've got some new products too that we launched at Knit Nation and are taking to UK Knit Camp. They'll be on the website in the next week or so too. Two special products at the show are Nicsknots project bags and DPN rolls and Tricotplume snag free stitch markers. We've also got many beads and pendants at some great show prices.

So if you are in Scotland this Friday and Saturday, we'd love to see you at the Marketplace at Stirling University. Open from 10.30pm til 6pm on Friday and Saturday 9am til 5.30pm with an admission charge. Mention this email and there's a free Atomic Knitting stitch marker for you! (while stocks last!)

Best Wishes