Saturday, August 29, 2009

Starlight Beads Website Update

The website for Starlight Beads has had a bit of a freshen up and we've moved the navigator bar from the right hand side of the site to the top each page. This way it's easily at hand and it should make life easier when hunting down the beads and pendants. Why not stop by and have a look?
There are some new pandora troll beads available here

August Clearance Sale!
Beads & Beyond Magazine - all back copies must be sold
Was £3.95 now just £1.95 £2 on the cover price! Buy while stocks last!

Fashion Colours For Autumn 2009

With contrasts of the warmer pastel tones with the more subdued tones these Autumn/Winter 09 colours reflect both the mood of the economic climate and the optimism of what is to come. With the key trends this season being over the knee boots, capes and cloaks, military style jackets, along with ripped denim, ripped stocking and tights and see through clothing, there's plenty of scope to design your own piece of jewellery to match these trends and colours.

American Beauty
Purple Heart
Honey Yellow
Burnt Sienna
Rapture Rose
Warm Olive
Majolica Blue
Creme Brulee*

Visit us today and see what you can create!

* Courtesy of Pantone

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