Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back after a long break from blogging!

It's been a long time since I last posted.....but that's because I've been busy busy busy! So what's new...where am I now?

Well, since the last blog date, as well as selling handmade jewellery, I've also set up a bead & pendant online store called Starlight Beads UK. As you can imagine, making jewellery means that you get through and seek out, lots of beads, more really than can be used...hence Starlight Beads UK. So beads and pendants can be bought direct online or via the eBay store. You can see an advert for Starlight Beads in Beads and Beyond Magazine this month.

In tandem to Starlight Beads, the stitch markers and knitting jewellery also have their own website and advertising. The premium stitch markers & row counters are sold under the Atomic Knitting brand on their own website, with appearances in the Bohobeads eBay store, and also on Etsy. Wholesale stitch marker options are also available through the website. Atomic knitting is advertised in Simply Knitting magazine and Let's Knit. We were also featured in the March issue of Quick & Crafty magazine with our Bahamas stitch markers which are part of The Island collection.

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