Monday, March 26, 2007

A380 Lands at Filton for the first time

Up early again to get to Bristol in time to see the A380 land. Not that this is common knowledge of course....mind you 6000 people turned up to watch :)

Deciding that Cribbs Causeway shopping centre was the best place to view the landing, once parked up, with lunch in hand (from M&S of course) then it was up on the grassy knoll to watch. After half an hour of waiting, with quite a few onlookers, the A380 came into sight off the estuary and flew over the Filton Airbus site and Rolls Royce site before looping back towards the estuary to land. It was so quiet for such a huge plane whilst in the sky, and then touched down on the runway with the roar of full thrust reversers. An amazing sight. Pictures and hopefully a movie clip to follow....

Link to movie clip of A380 landing at filton

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